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Birth & Fresh-48

Birth Photographer, Marshfield WI

Much like your wedding day your baby's birth will come and go in an instant. It is common for mothers to not remember the hours before and after their child's delivery. Seeing photographs will help preserve these memories and help you relive these moments. Also, Dads should be in the pictures NOT taking them! Dads are just as much part of the process.

During labor you are so focused on yourself and brining your baby into the world that you miss a lot of the other little things taking place around you.



I keep in close contact with you the weeks and days leading up to your expected due date or planned c-section or induction. I am on call for you and available 24/7 for when you are admitted and in labor. 

Full documentation of delivery

1 hour documentation post-delivery

75 digitally enhanced images

2x- 12x12 canvas

2x- 8x12 glossy matboard print

8x8 Layflat book

Birth Announcement

Mobile App of Gallery

Print Release


($790.00 value)

Fresh-48 Photographer, Marshfield WI


Occurs within baby's first 48 hours of life (typically while still in the hospital). Your baby's features will soon start to change. This is a great opportunity to capture your precious new family member at their smallest. 


20 digitally enhanced images 
Print Release


($160.00 value)

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How do I make sure you are there for my birthing session? You can't exactly schedule the moment you're going to go into labor, now can you? For that reason, when you purchase a birthing session, I'll be on call for the two weeks before and after your due date. When the time comes, have someone call me up and I'll meet you at the hospital (or wherever you're giving birth)!

Do I have control over what images you take and share? Of course. I will not take any photographs that you do not feel comfortable with. That goes for maternity, newborn and birthing sessions. Also, if you aren't comfortable with me sharing images on social media or my blog, I certainly would not do so.

What kind of photos do you take at birthing sessions? I typically do documentary-style photographs. In other words, raw emotions and moments as they happen! As for types of photographs I take during birthing session, everyone's preferences vary. In our consultation, we can discuss what kinds of photographs you feel comfortable with and go from there. Some people want me there to document the pushing and the crying. Others prefer if I come after mom has given birth. It's all up to you and I'm happy to photograph it all.

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