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Baby-Led Newborn Session, Newborn Photographer in Marshfield WI

Updated: May 26

Newborn Photographer- Marshfield WI

Newborn Photographer, Marshfield WI

Baby Led Newborn Session: What is it, and why is it important?

Simply put, a baby-led newborn session is when the baby is in charge. Their needs come before all other concerns. See, just like you and I babies have their own little personalities and own likes and dislikes. Every baby is different, so every session is different. Some babies are A-ok with being posed, and placed in props while others not so much...

This beautiful little boy is Everett, and Everett was less than enthused about the notion of wearing clothes, or being posed. However, he LOVED being swaddled. Instead of stressing him out and trying to force him into positions he didn't like, we adjusted!

Newborn Photographer, Marshfield WI

I always have an idea of poses, and props I envision using with your baby, but baby's comfort is always going to come before anything else. Maybe it is just a matter of how they are feeling that day. Did we accidentally schedule during their normal "awake" time? Sometimes we need to reschedule for a different time when baby is more sleepy, and that is OK!

Why is baby led sessions important?

Comfort- In addition to capturing precious memories, you also want to make sure baby is comfortable during their photoshoot. Again, not all babies are happy in every pose, and a baby led photographer will never force a baby into a pose they are not comfortable in. Your images will be much better for it too!

Happy baby, Happy mama, and Happy Photographer!

Your Newborn Photographer in Marshfield WI!

When you put your trust in me to capture your baby, I can promise you, your baby will always come first!

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