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Your Go-To Newborn Photographer

Updated: Apr 29

Central Wisconsin Family, Newborn and Wedding Photographer- Mueller Moments Photography- Marshfield, WI

Newborn session expansion and !! Prop Alert !!

I am expanding my newborn offerings so that means expanding my collection of props available!

The first couple of weeks of your new baby’s life are very special. Tiny fingers and toes, sleepy yawns, and the precious face of them sleeping – those are the moments you want to remember forever. They do not stay that small forever. Newborn photography sessions are a wonderful way to document this special fleeting time that is why newborn sessions take place as soon as the first week after birth and up until 1 month. The best time to photograph a newborn is within the first 10 days of birth.
This ensures that the baby still has all those perfect little features that change after the initial 10 days of life.

Now, while I primarily focus and specialize in Newborn lifestyle sessions, I did want to bring some additional items for those clients that want something more.

First off, let's discuss what Newborn Lifestyle sessions are. These sessions occur in your home. Being in your home allows you highlight the things that are meaningful to you and your family. I mean after all, this is where you spend every day, and where you brought your sweet baby home to. So maybe there is a room in your home you love, Or a special swaddle that was gifted to baby, or your maybe you want to show your grandfathers hand made rocking chair you love. What ever it may be, it can be incorporated into your session making it all the more personal and meaningful.
In short these sessions highlight your life as it is right now.

So whether you want a newborn lifestyle session specifically, a session where we only use the props, or maybe you want a mix of both I want to be the photographer to help capture your sweet baby!

Oh, I almost forgot!

I will also be offering an outfit option for your baby! Instead of buying an expensive (maybe impractical for daily use), outfit that baby may only wear once, use one of mine!

Please be on the lookout for upcoming blogs where I dig a little deeper into newborn sessions, what to expect, and how you can best prepare for them!

Talk soon friend-


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