Congratulations! Your little one is turning one! 

Happy 1st birthday! Your baby has reached a significant milestone in their life! The first birthday signifies a year since the baby came into this world and started illuminating the lives of those around them. That first year of parenthood flies by for everyone — in a diaper-filled, sleep-deprived blur of excitement and exhaustion. If it feels like just yesterday you were seeing that first heartbeat on the monitor and now, you’re suddenly planning a first birthday party for your baby (who’s not such a baby anymore), you’re not alone.

Cake Smashes are a fun (and messy!) way to celebrate a baby's first birthday 

Cake Smash Photographer in Marshfield WI
Cake Smash Photographer in Marshfield WI
For your little one's session we give them free rein of the cake, and I photograph the event as it unfolds. It’s a wonderful way to capture exciting candids of your ever-changing and growing baby!
What I provide?
  1. Cake Stand
  2. Custome Cake
  3. Outfits (for both boys and girls)
  4. Backdrop

All you need to do is bring your little one, and a change of clothes! 

Cake Smash Photographer in Marshfield WI

I keep my sessions minimalistic in nature to put more of the focus on your little one!

After your baby has covered themselves in cake (or have eaten their cake like a proper lady), you have the option to add on a "splash" session to your cake smash session! We put your little one in a mini bathtub to splash around and clean all that cake off! 

Cake Smash Photographer in Marshfield WI

Baby’s first year is a blur of excitement and milestones. Now that you’ve reached the end of it, it’s time to party! A cake smash portrait session is the perfect celebration to capture all the joy of the last twelve months, to send out to family and friends or on a birthday announcement, and images you’ll cherish forever!!

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