Your baby is a whole year! Can you believe it!? 

365 days with your precious little one! Can you believe it- you both made it! Those sleepless nights, countless dirty diapers, SO many baby wipes. That time can go by in a blink of an eye.

Your baby's 1st birthday is a once in lifetime opportunity to celebrate. Afterall, they only turn one, once!

Now, these sessions are called cake-smash sessions, however, it is entirely possible your little one may not smash their cake at all! 

Cake Smash Photographer in Marshfield WI

Take little miss Evalynn here, she was FAR more interested in my wooden spoon and frosting than the cake! Believe it or not most of my smashers have ate their cakes rather daintily. And that is perfectly ok! Whether they eat only a couple bites, or they are covered in cake by the end of our session, my mission is to capture your big- 1 year old and their beautifully unique personality! 

Cake Smash Photographer in Marshfield WI

The one thing I can always guarantee in my sessions are smiles!! And little miss Evalynn definitely provided!

Cake-smash sessions are a fun way to capture your baby's big milestone! Now, we don't always need to use cake. Some alternative ideas to a cake smash would be, a spaghetti session, tacos, watermelon, donuts, the list goes on!!

As always, my style is simple, elegant and minimalistic- meaning I put more of the focus on your baby than all the fluff in the background.

If you have a little on who is between 11-13mo and are looking to celebrate with a session, please reach out!


Cake Smash Photographer in Marshfield WI